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OpticZoom™ 5x lens system
capture close-up shots that used to get away

The OpticZoom 5x zoom lens system allows you to capture that ultra-close-up shot.

< OpticZoom 5x lens mounted on Xtend-a-Lens OMNI and Canon 1100 Point and Shoot camera

Specifically designed for use with digital cameras and camcorders, the OpticZoom™ provides 37mm front filter threads (allowing additional lenses and accessories to be attached) and works with almost any digital camera with a minimum of 2x optical zoom. By adding the OpticZoom to your camera, you multiply the optical zoom of your camera by five times!


OpticZoom 5x lens

OpticZoom tripod lens mount


OpticZoom frequently-asked questions

OpticZoom camera compatibility table

Photos taken with the OpticZoom 5x lens


Rings and converters you may need to attach this lens to your camera or lens adapter

Xtend-a-Lens for attaching the OpticZoom 5x lens to your digital camera

You can increase the magnification even further by adding additional lenses to the front of the OpticZoom. For example, if you put a Kenko 3x lens on the front of the OpticZoom and installed this combination on a 3x optical zoom camera, you'd get a total of 45x! If your equivalent optical zoom at 3x is 115mm, for example, you're getting 575mm of telephoto power with the OpticZoom attached, and 3x more with the Kenko attached! Please be aware that this setup may not work on all cameras, as the "through the lens focusing" of the camera may not be able to deal with all the extra glass.