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Xtend-a-View™ Pro LCD viewers for your digital camera
use your camera's LCD even in direct sunlight - and get a new angle on setting up your photos

If you're underwhelmed with the LCD size on your digital camera, you can now magnify your viewing area by 2X using the award-winning Xtend-a-View Pro family of LCD viewers... and you can actually see the display in situations where your LCD looks and acts like a mirror!

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< The entire Xtend-a-View Family line with:


o Model Wide Variable

o Standard Variable

o Mini

Typical view through Xtend-a-View Pro >
allowing you to easily compose the best image as well as seeing useful information displayed by your camera
< Xtend-a-View Pro Standard mounted on a Kodak DC290 camera. It can be pressed against the LCD by hand, attached to the camera with Velcro (as shown here), or (with vitually any digital camera) attached to an Xtend-a-Mount bracket

Xtend-a-View Pro replaces the awkward business of staring at your camera's LCD with a much more camera-like look-through experience. You see exactly the image you're going to capture, through any lenses, filters or other add-ons you may use, and you also avoid the parallax problems that are especially common with close-up work.

Eyeglass wearers, please note: If you wear eyeglasses, the Xtend-a-View products will still work for you. The rubber eyecup can either be removed to allow your glasses to get closer to the viewing end, or you can trim down the eyecup to accomplish the same thing. Additionally, many eyeglass wearers have reported that they can take their eyeglasses off entirely and use the Xtend-a-View with no problem (this doesn't work for everyone).

Xtend-a-View Pro not only provides a 2x magnified view of your LCD, but it also makes it much easier to see in difficult lighting conditions (direct sunlight for example) since it creates a "light box" around the LCD. The unit comes standard with non-skid rubber for one-off use, Velcro for a more permanent attachment, a lanyard for hanging the unit around your neck, and a lanyard mounting block which can be attached to the viewer on any of the four sides, thus eliminating interference with the buttons on the camera. Installing the rubber strips makes it easy to use the viewer in a quick view mode. Instructions are included.

Xtend-a-View Pro Standard >
shown here in use with a Kodak CD 4800 digital camera. This product magnifies your view of the camera's LCD, makes the LCD image visible even in bright sunlight, and shows you exactly what your camera lens will capture (not always the case with the optical viewfinder, especially when using add-on lenses)


Which Xtend-a-View Pro works with my camera?

Xtend-a-View Pro frequently-asked questions

Xtend-a-View Pro manual for Mini, Standard, Wide and 3.0 (PDF format)

Xtend-a-View Pro manual for Variable (PDF format)


Xtend-a-View Pro Mini for cameras with 1.5" to 1.6" LCDs (measured diagonally)

Xtend-a-View Pro Variable for cameras with 1.8" to 2.0" LCDs (measured diagonally)

Xtend-a-View Wide Variable for cameras with 2.25" to 2.5" LCDs (measured diagonally)

Xtend-a-View Pro 3.0 for cameras with 2.7" to 3.0" LCDs (measured diagonally) - Shipping in late April - pre-orders being taken

Xtend-a-View Pro eyecup kit included with the Mini, Wide Variable and Standard Variable products, and OPTIONAL with the 3.0 unit)

Xtend-a-Mount products for attaching the viewer to your camera


Outdoor photography

Seeing the image you're going to capture when using lenses and filters

The Xtend-a-View Pro product line >
(left to right): Mini, Standard/Variable, Wide, and 3.0