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Xtend-a-Lens™ Omni lens adapter
for all compact digital cameras

When there isn't any other lens adapter available for your digital model, the Xtend-a-Lens OMNI adapter from Photosolve lets you connect a broad range of accessories to your digital cameras.
< Xtend-a-Lens OMNI adapter shown, providing standard 37mm threads. Unit is anodized black. The other end has a screw thread for attachment to your camera. The front portion of the adapter can swivel back and forth/up and down to provide a highly flexible mounting arrangement.The tripod mounting screw in the bottom of the OMNI is tapped for mounting to a tripod as well.
Xtend-a-Lens OMNI mounted on a Canon 1100 point and shoot > camera. The 1100 is very similar to many point and shoot cameras on the market that don't have a dedicated lens adapter. The lens adapter is attached to the tripod mount of the camera, and the 37mm face is adjusted to the lens of the camera. Additional lenses, filters, etc. can then be added.
< And now that Xtend-a-Lens OMNI has been added to the camera, it's possible to add lenses and filters as shown here, enhancing the capabilities of your camera. In this case it's a 2x telephoto add-on lens with a 37mm mount. It's as simple as screwing it on.
The Xtend-a-Lens OMNI has two basic components: The mounting base and the 37mm front face. You can directly attach any add-on with 37mm threads. If the add-on you want to use has different-sized threads, you can use a 37mm-to-xx adapter or stepping ring, available at photosolve.


Xtend-a-Lens overview

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Manual (PDF, two pages)