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The VJ (Video Jounalist) Pole System
Become the Creative Communicator that you KNOW you can be!


The VJ Pole System

Communication is changing every day. The Smart Phone has become everybody's favorite documentation tool (both for still photos and video), and video is fast becoming the new standard media for effective communication. But there's a huge difference between average video and Excellent video and it's simply the tools you use to set up and execute the production. Check out the VJ system. The basic individual components are available separately or as a convenient kit that provide all the tools you'll need to make videos that will amaze your friends, family and associates! Plus, there are additional convenient mounts, and remote units as well!

The VJ Pole (SP-B10)

Versatile Selfie Pole upgrades you to be a professional media director

- The "selfie stick" is actually a great photography accessory for travelers, photography fans, or anyone who just wants to take better photos or videos.
- VJ pole is the leading brand in the selfie stick world. This model is ideal because you can use it as a selfie stick, set it up with a tripod or add an LED light or a microphone for professional use.

- Comes with the Pole, the phone holder, AND a verison 3.0 Blue Tooth Remote!
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The VJ Tripod (VJ-T10)

Lightweight, Functional, and very Versitile

- Portable and easy to use - this tripod is ideal for smartphone users on the go
- Can be mounted quickly and easily to the VJ Pole or your camera with 1/4" screw
- Unique flexibility allows a smartphone to be positioned vertically or horizontally in seconds
- Set up your smartphone anywhere...on the desk, the wall, the window, or car hood, etc and use the remote shutter or smart apps.
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The VJ Twin Mount (VJ-TM10)

Easily add multiple accessories to your setup

- Provides two additional mounting positions for your VJ Pole or Mini Tripod setup

- Allows for mounting on the Phone Holder or a standard shoe
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The VJ Mini Stereo Microphone (BY-V01)

Bring recording capabilities to a new level of quality

- Add life-like stereo sound to your creations

- Comes with noise cover, mic and cabling

- Has a standard "shoe" mount (works with the VJ Twin mount)
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The VJ Firefly LED Light (VJ-PL10)

Light up those dark scenes!

- Available in Daylight (5500-5600K) or multicolor with user adjustable color balance.
- Very portable! Easy to mount to your phone and shock-resistant
- Directly plugs into your phones 3.5mm headset jack
- Adjustable angle and it's great for close-ups!

-Recharging through and included min-USB cable

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The VJ Holder (VJ-H01)

Provides a convenient mount for the VJ Firefly LED Light

- The VJ Holder and connector allows you to add another layer of accessories to your setup. The LED light can be simply attached to the back side of the smartphone, for example to provide direct lighting at night.
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The VJ Video Journalist Kit (VJ-MK1)

Includes everything you need at a very affordable price and a convenient carry case!

- The VJ Media Report Kit includes everything above: The VJ Pole (SP-B30), The VJ Tripod (VJ-T10), The VJ Twin Mount (VJ-TM10). The VJ Mini Stereo Microphone (BY-V01), The VJ Firefly LED Light (VJ-PL10) and the VJ Holder & Connector (VJ-J01)

- But wait, there's MORE! You'll also get the amazing Guide "How To Make A Movie" at no additional cost.
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...and now, there are four MORE...

VJ Pole Accessories:

The VJ Smart Gun (VJ-T30)

Provides a stable platform for your Smartphone or camera.

- The VJ Smart Gun allows you to stabilize your smartphone or camera. Includes the Smart Gun, an adjustable angle header, and an VJ-H01 Holder PLUS a storage bag.
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The VJ Mount (VJ-M10)

Provides another fixed mounting location for your Smartphone or camera.

- The VJ Mount allows you to use any smooth surface like glass, polished stone, metal, etc to mount your smartphone or camera. Includes the attachment pad, an adjustable angle header, and an VJ-H01 Holder.

- Customers mount their cameras on the inside of a car window, for example, and are then able to film a 'moving' documentary.
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The VJ X-Pad Holder (VJ-X11)

Provides a secure mount for your iPad or other pad device.

- The VJ X-pad Holder allows you to use your iPad as another camera device...Works with iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3 (testing on iPad Air).

- Includes the pad Holder, an adjustable angle header and its own mini Tripod.

- Can also be used with the VJ Mount (VJ-M10), the VJ Mini Tripod
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The Remote MVP* (BR-900)

The Ultimate Blue-Tooth Controller!

- Remote Music Play, Selfie Video & Photo Shutter

- Rechargeable using an included USB mini cable - comes with version 3.0 Blue Tooth Software...most stable on the planet!

- Includes shutter control, Volume (+/-), Prev/Next Track, and Play/Pause - Comes in Five Colors (Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue)

* Music, Video, Photography
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