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The VJ Pole System
Become the Creative Communicator that you KNOW you can be!


The VJ Twin Mount
When you need extra mounting capability for your VJ Pole System components or you need to add an extra "shoe" on your DSLR, the Twin Mount comes to the rescue. It can mount directly on top of a 1/4 x 20 threaded mount (like the Tripod) or a standard flash shoe mount, and it comes with both a "foot" and a locking mount too!



The VJ Twin Mount

- Size:
108 x 70 x 25mm (HxLxW)
- Hot Shoe: 1/4 x 20 (1 bolt) + Nut (2)
- Use: Smart Phone, Camera, Mic and Light

- Twist to unlock/lock

Appless Bluetooth 3.0
- Included Remote mount attaches to VJ Pole or your finger for convenience
Max distance 40m/130 feet
- Battery life 5 years
- Pairs with iOS & Android SmartPhones
- No-delay shooting allows for continuous shots











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