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Outdoor digital photography
addressing the challenges - and opportunities - of outdoor photography

Many of the best photographic subjects are outdoors - but shooting outdoors presents special challenges and opportunities to digital photographers. Photosolve comes to the rescue with products that extend your outdoor photo possibilities.

Most digital camera LCD displays are not well-suited to outdoor work because they're not bright enough to be visible in direct sun or daylight. Most digital photographers abandon the LCD when outdoors, relying instead on the "see-through" optical viewfinder built into the camera - which is also not very useful especially when using external lenses. Photosolve's Xtend-a-View Pro LCD viewers let you take full advantage of your camera's LCD display even in bright sunlight.

Outdoor photography often involves close-up work. Photosolve offers both close-up and macro lenses that can be used with most popular digital cameras. The OpticZoom 5x lens system can multiple by a factor of five the zoom capability built into your camera.

Outdoor photography can present challenges related to the sun. Ultraviolet filters can help you manage reflections and glare, as well as creating dramatic effects with water and sky.

Action photography has been historically difficult to capture as it's difficult to anticipate where the subject is going to be. With the new Xtend-a-Sight mount for Red Dot Sights, you can now capture those difficult shots.

Finally, outdoor photography means safely transporting your equipment and possibly shooting for extended periods without being able to recharge your camera. You can store and carry batteries and memory cards in the BattPak carry case, and you can greatly extend your time between recharges with the DualForce battery system.


Xtend-a-View LCD viewers for using your camera's LCD even in direct sunlight

Hoya lenses and UV filters for outdoor flexibility

OpticZoom 5x zoom lenses for close-ups of faraway subjects

Xtend-a-Sight Red Dot Sight mount for making action photography a lot easier

DualForce battery systems so you can keep on shooting

BattPak cases to protect your batteries and memory cards