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About photosolve
who we are, why we do it, what you can expect from us

Photosolve founder
Phil Williams

From Phil:
I've been a photographer nearly all my life, and truly enjoy the challenges and rewards of capturing and sharing images of the people and the world around me. For most of that time, I worked in traditional 35mm film. With a single-reflex lens (SLR) camera and my bag of lenses, filters and other add-ons, I could compose and shoot nearly anything I could imagine.


Thank you for visiting photosolve. By being here, you're showing that you share our passion for the exciting medium of digital photography

Photosolve President
Joanie Karns

From Joanie:
Like Phil, I was immediately attracted to the flexibility, immediacy and fun of digital photography. It made the photographic learning curve so much shorter, and the results so much better than with film photography.

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The Challenges:

We were both struck by the lack of adaptability in early digital cameras (and even with today's more advanced units) such as:

  • Very limited zoom capabilites (typically 1-3x, sometimes augmented by so-called "digital zoom")
  • No lens barrel threads for the addition of external lenses and filters
  • "See-through" viewfinders that often don't frame the image accurately, coupled with LCD displays that are difficult to use while composing images, especially in bright light
  • No provisions for taking pictures with devices like microscopes and telescopes

The Solutions:

photosolve and the Xtend-a-System™ were born to address these needs. Our very first product was the original Xtend-a-Lens, built by hand from Home Depot plastic pipe and one of Phil's film camera filters. It fit snugly around the lens barrel of the Kodak DC260 digital camera, and allowed us to use other lenses and filters for much greater flexibility. The Xtend-a-Scope and DigiMount systems soon followed, opening up the world of digital astrophotography and microphotography.

As our early customers used these products, they told us that they were increasingly relying on their cameras' LCD displays, since the see-through viewfinders didn't display the images they were composing. But they were unhappy with the small size and limited brightness of those displays. From this feedback came the Xtend-a-View family of LCD viewers. They allow you to bring the LCD to your eye and take full advantage of it for composing images.

Customer feedback also led us to the topic of slide and fim conversion. Many people had boxes (sometimes closets!) full of 35mm slides, film and film negatives, and wanted a cost-effective way to convert them into digital images. The Xtend-a-Slide addresses this need.

From these beginnings, we've enhanced each of these products and added other fine products to our line-up. These include both products developed and manufactured by Photosolve, as well as other products that meet our standards for quality and usefulness. And as our product volumes have grown, we've moved key products to a manufacturing facility in Oroville, California in the Sierra foothills north of Sacramento.

< Photosolve maufacturing facility in Oroville, California >

Here's what you can expect from Photosolve and our products:

Quality and reliability. Every Photosolve product has been designed for quality and extensively tested in real-life environments. If we haven't used it and liked it ourselves, we won't offer it for sale. As part of our guarantee of satisfaction, we offer a "no questions asked" fifteen-day return policy and a full 90-day warranty (details).

Value. One of the attractions of digital photography is its low cost, and we strive to make and keep our products as affordable as possible. Our vision is that the true flexibility and fun of digital photography should be available to all.

An unwavering focus on you, our customer. Customers have made us what we are today, and we're intent on doing what's right for you. That includes our satisfaction commitment, our product quality and value, uncompromising integrity, and a level of pre- and post-sales service you won't find in most companies today.

We hope you have a great experience with Photosolve. We really do want your feedback, positive or negative, and welcome your thoughts. Thank you!